Presenting IFA’s New Podcast

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Written by David E. Smith

We are excited to announce a new Illinois Family Action (IFA) feature: podcasting! For those who are unfamiliar, a podcast is simply a digital audio recording that is easily listened to and shared with others through a computer or smart phone. Podcasts are a convenient and popular way to reach, educate, and connect with an audience.

Our podcast, Illinois Family Spotlight, will be a weekly podcast that provides analysis of and commentary on political and cultural events and issues. We hope to provide a new podcast every Tuesday morning.

Illinois Family Spotlight will highlight cultural and political issues of particular interest and relevance to our subscribers. Our discussions will be informed by a biblical worldview that will help expose the lies and distortions promulgated within our increasingly anti-Christian. anti-conservative culture. We will be interviewing policy experts and scholars whose knowledge and insights will help listeners form a wiser worldview.

You can find us on podcast applications like Google Play Music, iTunes, SoundCloud, Pocket Casts, and soon we will be on Stitcher.

You can also listen to our podcasts on our website at

Please give our podcasts a listen. We hope you enjoy them!

And if you would like to give us feedback about this new endeavor, please do so HERE.

Support for this program comes from your generous donations.

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