Military Leaders Blow the Lid off Obama’s Plan to Rig Election


Written by Nancy Hayes

History tends to repeat itself – good or bad. In 2012, President Obama needed a good campaign narrative to get re-elected. Obama ignored the intelligent reports, missed half of his intelligent meetings because the campaign narrative was to minimize the threat of ISIS even after all of the horrors of the Benghazi attack on 9/11. Obama needed his campaign narrative to stay on topic – Osama bin Laden is defeated and never mind the Benghazi attack.

In 2016, Obama needs another positive narrative to show America the Democrats are defeating ISIS – the “JV Team”. It seems Obama once again is going to ignore the advice of top intelligence officers so the Democrats can craft a positive campaign message that Obama is defeating ISIS. Afterall, Democrats need another  “Rah! Rah!” for Hillary to win the 2016 election. So what if Obama and Hillary sent arms from Libya to Syria. So what if America abandoned Iraq prematurely in 2011. So what if intelligence officers are pressured again. So what if this will “stretch our limits” and is premature. So what if Democrats need a positive narrative for Clinton to win the election in 2016. Never mind that Clinton lied about Benghazi.

In 2012, here’s what Lt. General Flynn, Directior of National Intelligence and Director of Defense Intelligence said:

Intelligence reports in 2011 in 2012 were neglected because “I think that they did not meet a narrative the White House needed. And I’ll be very candid with you, they just didn’t,” Lt. Gen. Flynn said. “I think the narrative was that al Qaeda was on the run, and (Osama) bin Laden was dead…they’re dead and these guys are, we’ve beaten them.” However, they “continue to just multiply.”

In 2016, here’s retired Army Lt. General Barbero:

Retired Army Lt. Gen. Michael D. Barbero spoke to The Washington Times in an interview, saying: “There is tremendous concern that Washington is going to press for a Mosul operation to commence before the November election. The concern is, will the conditions be set on the ground by then, and I don’t think so.”

Lt. Gen. Barbero said his contacts in Baghdad have relayed the concerns to him, fearing there is now an “artificial timeline” for what promises to be by far the toughest battle in the war against the Islamic State in Iraq.

The retired general indicated that the battle by Iraqi security forces to retake the city will be very hard fought. He stated: “We all know the conditions for this. This is going to be a different fight. They are going to fight to the death in Mosul, and we have got to make sure that the conditions are set so we can destroy them.”

Iraqi Security Forces, which has made strides since the U.S.-led coalition began retraining its troops, may not be sufficiently prepared for a rushed operation. The troops face the monumental task of capturing a city of almost 2 million citizens and up to 10,000 Islamic State fighters and their booby traps.

Like I said, history repeats itself. So what if our troops aren’t ready. So what about the intelligence reports. THE campaign NARRATIVE NEEDS TO FIT with THEIR campaign to get Clinton elected as the next president. Screw our military. Screw the intelligence officers. Screw the intel and their reports.

In 2012, our economy was weak, the Republican party was divided, and ISIS was messing with the re-election campaign narrative. In 2016, our economy is weaker, the Repubican party is even more divided, and ISIS is again messing with the campaign narrative.

The new narrative that Democrats need for Clinton to win has to read like a back-to-school “Fun With Dick and Jane” early elementary reading series:

See Obama fight ISIS. See ISIS run. See Clinton win. 

THAT’S the Democratic narrative – So What! Screwed again…


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