U.S. Senator Tim Kaine – Planned Parenthood Approved


Written by Jim Finnegan

No surprise when the left leaning media try’s to sell Irish “catholic” Tim Kaine as a devout Catholic. You gotta be kidding me!  An oxymoron calling one who supports the evil of abortion “Pro Life.”

U.S. Senator Kaine with plenty of chutzpah, joins with the media by calling himself Pro-Life while supporting abortion on demand. You do not get a 100 percent approval rating from Planned Parenthood while being Pro-Life.

Kaine falls back on the tired old canard “I am not in favor of abortion, but would never tell another what to do. He would have been right at home in 1865 when many discussing the morality of slavery acted with the same rationale. “I would never own a slave, but would never tell my neighbors what to do.”

Lets do something that the Democratic party does not do; that being to look at the facts. As mentioned earlier, one who receives a 100 percent approval can never in any sense be considered Pro-Life. In addition, Senator Kaine opposed the humane “Pain Capable Unborn Child Act”  protecting the unborn child after twenty weeks from excruciating pain.The usual method at this stage is a “D & E” (dilation and extraction) in which the child is dismembered limb by limb and removed from the womb. Does this sound like a Pro-Life position?

Kaine simply joins with the many politicians willing to say and do anything to get elected; even hiding behind the so called faith in which he was nurtured. His legislative goals are as pro abortion as it gets, while  the Democrats and the media have the unmitigated gall to say Donald Trump speaks with forked tongue.

As a practicing Catholic, of Irish heritage, Kaine especially shames those he professes to represent with his specious claim . He appears to have sold his soul to the devil for the pittance of an elected office!

May God have mercy on America and on U.S. Senator Kaine.

Jim Finnegan is a faithful Catholic and a long time pro-life advocate.  He and his wife live in the suburbs of Chicago, have seven children and dozens of grandchildren.  Jim is also a former board member of Illinois Family Institute.