Why Rescue Illinois When You Can Flush on Other States?


Sanctimonious Lawmakers Lecture Soverign Officials While Springfield Burns

Written by Monte Larrick and David E. Smith

Illinois is on the brink of bankruptcy, yet dozens of Illinois state senators found time to criticize the public policies of other states. Instead of passing a balanced budget, finding ways to reduce our deficit, cutting out-of-control spending, making Illinois more job-friendly, and fixing the overwhelming pension problem, our state senators are making out-of-state bathroom policies a priority.

Senate Resolution 1752 (SR 1752) passed by 32-14, the last day of the scheduled session.  SR 1752 “strongly urges” both North Carolina and Mississippi to repeal common sense legislation that separates bathrooms by biological sex.

The lone Senate Republican to vote for SR 1752 was Chris Nybo of Lombard. Senator Nybo says it’s discrimination to provide a safe environment for our wives and daughters.  And while he ran as a conservative, since being elected, has repeatedly voted with Democrats in advancing a Leftist anti-life, anti-child agenda.

During this session Senator Nybo has voted to support a number of anti-family bills that we’ve actively opposed, including:

HB 217 — a bill that bans professional therapists and clergy from helping children who suffer from unchosen, unwanted same-sex attraction and gender confusion. It’s now law. (Read more HERE.)

SB 1564 —  a bill to force medical professionals in Illinois to give information and referrals for objectionable medical procedures such as abortion, sterilization, and certain end-of-life care. It’s on the governor’s desk. (Read more HERE.)

SB 57 — Allows one spouse to file for divorce after a 6 month separation even if the other spouse does not want the divorce. This is worse than no fault divorce. This bill would also eliminate the ability of jilted spouses to sue for alienation of affection and makes provisions for visitation rights by non-relatives, over-riding parental rights.  It’s now law. (Read more HERE.)

SB 2228 and HB 218 – bills that decriminalize the possession of marijuana.  Makes the possession of ten grams of marijuana a $100 to $200 ticket and a petty offense with no limit to the number of offenses. SB 2228 is on the governor’s desk. (Read more HERE.)

HB 1531 — This bill severs the biological definition of “parent” from the legal definition of “parent.” Instead of recognizing parental rights as naturally emanating from the mother and father who conceived the child. The bill creates parental rights in persons with no genetic link to the child and with no adoption proceeding. It’s now law. (Read more HERE.)

You may want to let Senator Nybo know what you think about his voting record during the 99th General Assembly by sending him an email to:  chris@chrisnybo.org.

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