Are You Ready for the March 15th Primary?

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Written by David E. Smith

Illinois Family Action is proud to offer perhaps the best online voter guide yet: Its purpose is to equip Christians with the tools to vote wisely in local, state and national elections.

You will enjoy the in-depth candidate comparisons on state and federal-level candidates. You will also find endorsements from IFA-pac as well. provides an in-depth and non-partisan perspective on candidates, identifying where the candidates fall on a scale from “very liberal” to “very conservative.”

Voters can see for themselves:

  • How candidates have voted in the past
  • Who the candidates give money to
  • Where the candidates’ money comes from
  • How the candidates answer questions on critical issues
  • Public statements on critical issues
  • Virtual Vote Rating on candidates that have never held public office

Many candidates will say what voters want to hear during campaigns. That’s why is critical for concerned voters who want to cut through the onslaught of media ads and misinformation and get the truth about candidates. This is especially important during this presidential primary where many of the candidates say the same thing.

Voters simply cannot trust the media, big money or, unfortunately, sometimes what the candidates say.  Voters armed with the facts are equipped to make the right decisions.  And is Illinois’ most comprehensive resources for candidate information.

Mark your calendar – Tuesday, March 15th is Election Day! With the presidential, U.S. Senate, Congressional, and state legislature races races on the ballot, it is crucial that you get out and vote your values. And will help!

How can you help others vote their values on March 15th in Illinois?

  • Share this link with friends and family.
  • Print your guide and take it to the polls.
  • Vote pro-family values!
  • Provide this IFI BULLETIN INSERT to your church.

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