Graham’s New Crusade

Franklin Graham

Written by Gary Bauer

Billy Graham, America’s beloved evangelist, saved many souls during his lifetime at massive gatherings he called “crusades.” His son, Reverend Franklin Graham, launched a new crusade this week aimed at saving America.

Franklin Graham made headlines recently when he announced that he had switched his political registration and had become an independent, something many conservatives have done in recent years. But, as we reported and the media ignored, Graham was in no way telling people to abandon the culture war and avoid the political process.

In fact, it was the exact opposite. In the state capital of Iowa this week, Franklin Graham kicked off a series of public rallies that will take him to all 50 states in the weeks and months ahead.

Speaking in Des Moines, Graham decried the condition of our country, spiritually, financially and racially. He lamented that too often “our educators and our politicians and our churches seem . . . more concerned about political correctness than God’s truth and righteousness.”

Graham denounced the aggressive secularism of the left that “wants to take God out of our society,” adding, “I’m here to say, I’m not going without a fight!”

Then he urged men and women of faith to redouble their efforts to be active and engaged voters. “Be willing this next election to vote,” Graham said. “Vote for candidates who stand for Biblical principles.”

“Don’t tell me your vote doesn’t count,” he continued, citing several close races. “If every one of you votes, you go back and get your family to vote, get your church to vote.”

Graham then challenged his audience to pray for the country, to make sure they were registered to vote and to encourage others in their community to do the same.

I couldn’t agree more with Reverend Graham’s assessment of our nation and his recommended solution. I join him in urging those who cherish the values of faith and family to get off the sidelines and get organized!

The hour is late if we are going to save this “shining city upon a hill.”

This article was originally posted at the Campaign for Working Families website.