Can Cruz Win the General? Yes, He Can!


Written by Lloyd Marcus

Some say, “I like Cruz, but I’m voting for Trump because I don’t believe Cruz can win the general.” These voters are really saying they believe we have lost the country to the Left. Therefore, a true conservative touting traditional values cannot win the presidency in today’s America. This mindset reminds me of what many conservatives did to Sarah Palin.

Palin epitomized the character, principles, and values we in the tea party longed to see in our politicians. Defying the Left, Palin boldly defended the Constitution. She was a faithful long-suffering powerful advocate for God, family and country. When the full rage of the Left was unleashed to destroy her, suddenly Palin became a political leper in the minds of some conservatives and was declared unelectable.

On numerous occasions, Sen Ted Cruz pretty much stood alone in Washington as an advocate for We the People. Cruz courageously endured several barrages of slings and arrows from the Left and RINO Republicans; yet keeping his pit-bull grip on defending Americans.

Conservatives praised Cruz to the hilt for his courage and unwavering stand for the people. But when Cruz goes for the big chair in the Oval Office, those same conservatives who praised Cruz say, sorry dude, you’re a bit too extreme for the masses. Sorry folks, that is not the way to treat your friends; particularly someone who has had your back.

Also, I reject the Left’s “Ted Cruz, conservatives, and the tea party are extreme” crap. I have spoken and sung at over 500 tea party rallies nationwide over the years. The only thing the patriots who attend the rallies want are politicians who will govern according to the U.S. Constitution. Will someone on the Left please tell we what is “extreme” about that?

I believe the Left is pulling the Wizard of Oz scam on us. The supposed “all powerful wizard” was really a little man behind a curtain growling through a microphone. The Left uses its ownership of the mainstream media, Hollywood, and the Democratic Party to growl at Americans; intimidating us into believing a majority of Americans embrace the Left’s vision for America.

The Left would have us believe a majority of Americans enthusiastically embrace same sex sodomy; believe it is racist not to open our borders to illegals; believe government should confiscate and redistribute all wealth; believe government should repeal the Second Amendment taking our guns; believe that Americans want Santa, Thanksgiving, and the Pledge of Alliance banned from public schools. Therefore, a true strong conservative like Cruz touting traditional values is unelectable.

Well folks, I believe the Left is really the little man behind the curtain; its thinking representative of only a small minority.

If the Left’s thinking is the majority, why is the Left always forced to rely on activist judges to overturn the will of voters?

In 2010, despite a mainstream media blackout, 1.7 million patriots showed up in DC at a rally to stop Obamacare. Despite the Left’s best efforts, a majority of Americans have never been in favor of Obamacare.

The Left has littered the internet with hit-piece articles designed to destroy Donald Trump. And yet, Trump’s poll numbers remain strong.

Practically all of the Left’s victories are against public opinion, implemented by activist judges or Obama breaking the law saying screw what voters want.

One of the Left’s/evil’s greatest tactics is to convince the righteous that they are alone. God’s prophet Elijah felt alone and depressed. God said, son, I have 7,000 who have not bent their knees in worship of a false god. Elijah, you think you’re alone because you don’t see them on Israel TV.

And another thing: how many times must we fall for the same old trick by the Left? The Left and political know-it-alls tell us it is impossible for a traditional conservative to win the general. So we allow the Left and experts to select who they believe is the most electable moderate Republican to be our nominee. After selecting the GOP nominee, the Left launches a shock and awe campaign to portray the Republican candidate, whom they selected, as a far right extremist spawn of Satan.

Frustrated by the GOP once again giving its base the finger by nominating another moderate, conservatives/GOP voters stay home on election day. Millions stayed home rather than vote for Mitt Romney.

For crying out loud, how many more times must we see this movie to know how it ends? Democrats win! I say let’s go all-in for a true conservative who has proved that once elected, he will begin restoring America to its former greatness. Please indulge me in reminding you again how Cruz plans to spend his first day in the Oval Office.

Cruz said as president he will rescind all Obama’s illegal and unconstitutional actions; have the DOJ investigate Planned Parenthood and prosecute any criminal violations; direct the DOJ and IRS to end persecution of religious liberty; cancel Obama’s insane Iran nuke deal and restore relations with our ally, Israel.

Do not believe the “little” Left growling into a microphone behind a curtain proclaiming that a majority of Americans are in its camp. The Left is lying.

Can Ted Cruz Win the General? Yes He Can!

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