Top 10 Pro-Family Actions for Next President

White House

Written by Linda Harvey

What should be the top priorities of the next president?

If our next commander in chief is truly a family advocate and a defender of religious liberty, he or she will reject the aggressive, anti-Christian homosexual agenda in all its various dimensions and do everything possible to reverse the damage done under Obama/Biden.

There are other priority lists for our next president that deserve a wide hearing that focus on immigration, national defense, the soaring debt, race relations and at the top, limiting/ending abortion.

But here, I’ll focus on overcoming the radical homosexual activism that threatens to rip our culture apart. Some people don’t yet recognize the enormity of this threat, but the Supreme Court marriage decision opened many eyes. Sexual anarchists are proving to be the biggest bullies of all, while constantly claiming victim status and pushing “anti-bullying” programs.

President Barack Obama has been the most pro-”gay” president by a long shot. The next president, hopefully a conservative, will seek to reverse the damage done to social stability, public health, child welfare and religious freedom through the “LGBT” policies advanced by Obama.

So here’s my top ten pro-family policy wish list for the new president:

10. Lend no presidential recognition or approval to each year’s June “gay pride” month, unlike the proclamations given to support this movement by Barack Obama. Make sure federal agencies and embassies understand that so-called “pride” events are unwelcome, and no rainbow flags are to fly at embassies or federal buildings. Emblems associated with the promotion of these known unhealthy behaviors are inappropriate. The U.S. should uphold a standard of longevity, health and freedom, not one that exalts the sexual decadence and tyrannical tactics of this aggressive, anti-Christian movement.

9. Revoke Department of Education Office of Civil Rights’ opinions declaring that schools must now apply Title IX to “sexual orientation” and “gender identity” questions in education, and that Title IX should be interpreted as mandating all-gender restrooms, locker rooms and sports teams, as well as local school acceptance of the identities of “sexual orientation” and “gender identity.” Title IX is about sex discrimination– authentic, biological sex– not transvestite protection.

8. Close the State Department’s Global Equality Fund and the USAID LGBT Global Development Partnership, and do not name open homosexuals or gender-switchers as ambassadors. Obama has appointed openly homosexual ambassadors to Australia, the Dominican Republic, Spain, Denmark, New Zealand, Vietnam and OSCE.

7. Appoint an attorney general who will defend our actual Constitution, not an imaginary one, and who will stop using the Department of Justice, in partnership with the DOE Office of Civil Rights, to arm-twist local schools to embrace the homosexual and gender-change political agenda using concocted Title IX, Title IV and 14th Amendment arguments.

6. Completely overhaul the focus and standards of the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), instituting an adherence to fact-based public health standards, not political correctness. Relative to the HIV/AIDS program, revise references to male-male sexual contact by making it clear this is an avoidable, unhealthy behavior. Phase out programs that actually enable and perpetuate homosexual behavior, like the prophylactic drugs given to sexually active homosexual men. Also, phase out any such programs that have been extended to teen audiences and implement a sexual risk avoidance/abstinence standard only. Get serious about addressing the strong connection between homosexual male sex and the risk to youth. End any grants to local or state nonprofits that rely on alleged management of homosexual behavior (e.g., distribution of condoms at “gay” bathhouses), instead of risk avoidance.

5. Revoke all executive orders that give special rights to any individuals claiming identity with defined classes called “lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgendered,” knowing that accommodation only serves to give credibility when the opposite – discouraging this conduct – should be our policy and public health standard. Specifically, revoke orders prohibiting “LGBT” workplace discrimination for federal employees and mandating that federal contractors adhere to this order, as well as the order mandating special rights for “sexual orientation” and “gender identity” by federal agencies, including the EEOC.

4. Veto the unconstitutional, anti-faith so-called “Equality Act” if it passes Congress during your presidency. This sweeping legislation would mandate that homosexual and gender-switching behaviors be respected as civil rights akin to race, with no differing viewpoints. It would revise the 1964 Civil Rights Act to legalize these behaviors as civil rights in employment, education, housing and public accommodations throughout the U.S. – and religious freedom to object would be prohibited.

3. Advance legislation to restore the prohibition on open homosexual conduct in the military and veto any new law or overturn any new executive order allowing cross-gender identities. Preserve/reinstate sex-segregated boundaries throughout all branches of the military.

2. Appoint federal justices who are strict constitutional constructionists and Supreme Court justices who would, if given an opportunity, reverse the Obergefell decision and never find a mythological “right” to homosexual behavior or same-sex marriage in the 14th Amendment.

1. Support the constitutional guarantee for all Americans to exercise religious freedom and freedom of speech. Reaffirm the rights of all Americans to freely believe, to state and to pursue activities that reflect an understanding that homosexuality is deeply immoral, and that no American is under any obligation to consider homosexuality or gender confusion constitutional rights. This is in effect a refutation of many actions by President Obama, including his expressed denial of religious freedom in speeches.

Any president who implements this decisive, family-friendly, freedom-affirming policy agenda would need a backbone of steel and a clear, unfazed vision.

But that president would go down in history with Lincoln as a great statesman, liberator and defender of faith.

Is there such a candidate in America? Will we have the wisdom to elect him or her?

My prayer is that there is and we will, before the gates of Sodom close behind us and our children. If that happens, America will reap the whirlwind.


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