Illinois Conservatives Could Find Kirk Alternative in GOP Primary



A businessman from Oswego, Illinois has stepped forward to challenge Illinois U.S. Senator Mark Kirk in the 2016 Illinois Republican Party – and he’s building support among Illinois conservative Republicans and Tea Party activists.

James Marter, a 52 year old computer analyst, hasn’t held elected office before, but in a year when voters are flocking to Donald Trump, Carly Fiorina and Ben Carson, what would normally be considered a detriment in a statewide election, coming from a business background could be a plus.

“I have a passion and a premise that the people of the State of Illinois should have a Senator who is looking out for them and not powerful corporations or lobbyists with their own profit in mind,” Marter says in a letter he’s distributing among conservative circles.

Marter says he is “deeply concerned” with repealing Obamacare, wants to defund Planned Parenthood and would support prolife legislation.  He wants to stop the influx and enforce immigration law. He wants to balance the budget and fix the tax code. He also says that he firmly supports the “right to bear arms as unequivocally stated in the Bill of Rights.”

That’s in direct contrast to the incumbent Mark Kirk, according to Marter.

“Kirk is one of the most liberal Republicans in the Senate. He is a full-blown social liberal who supports taxpayer-funding for abortions and the entire gay marriage agenda, including judicial activism and provisions that undermine religious liberty,” Marter’s campaign leaflet says. “He has also been a consistent supporter of gun control and amnesty for illegal immigrants.”

Marter will be taking on the Illinois Republican elite, what’s become known as Governor Rauner’s “Praetorian Guard” and funders, as well as Kirk’s long-held liberal base in the 10th CD.

Despite the formidable challenge, conservatives looking for an alternative to Kirk in the GOP primary are beginning to circulate petitions to get Marter on the March 15th ballot.

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