Huckabee: If the GOP Avoids Social Issues, It’s A Sure Way to Lose in 2016


Mike Huckabee with reporters in Tinley Park Friday – Photo credit: Al Ashworth

Written by Fran Eaton

At the RISE Initiative at the Tinley Park Convention Center Friday, GOP presidential candidate Mike Huckabee answered a question asked by an Illinois Review reporter:

“Social conservatives in Illinois are feeling pushed out of their Party. Could you address that issue as to how important it is for social conservatives stay involved … in whatever party they pick?”

The governor, who will be among the top 10 GOP candidates to participate in next Thursday night’s GOP candidate forum in Cleveland, responded:

 “Let’s be very clear – if the people in the pro-life, pro-family element of the Republican Party all bail out, we can be sure that we will not win another election. Because every time we nominate someone who is a strong pro-life, pro-family candidate -especially for president – we win. When we don’t, we lose.

“I keep hearing people say, ‘Let’s not touch these issues,’ and I keep thinking, ‘Well, if we really want to keep losing, that’s the most effective method I can think of.’ What we need to be doing is giving people who are faith voters, who are – by the way – economic conservatives and they’re also national security conservatives – they’re “full-spectrum” conservatives.

“We need to be making sure that we have candidates that inspire them and make them want to go vote.

“Here’s a fact: If Mitt Romney had had four percent more of the evangelical voters in 2012 – just evangelicals – that doesn’t even include the pro-life Catholics and other mainstream Christian denominational people – just four percent of the evangelicals – he’d be President Romney today.

“And we cannot assume that we can win national elections by moving away from issues that matter to people – fundamental issues of life and death – we need to believe that we will win elections when we’re inclusive with those issues.”

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