Hillary Promises Greater Leniency to Illegal Immigrants


An immigration reform activist isn’t surprised Hillary Clinton is willing to double-down on executive power to grant amnesty.

Written by Chad Groening

The Daily Caller has reported that the Clinton campaign has decided to change the eligibility requirements for a contest known as “Meet Hillary.” The chance to personally meet the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee will now be opened to illegal immigrants as well as U.S. citizens and legal permanent residents.

Bob Dane is a spokesman for the Federation for American Immigration Reform. He says the move to include illegal aliens in the contest isn’t surprising considering that Mrs. Clinton told amnesty activists that, if elected, she would go further than President Obama in granting executive amnesty to even more people who are in the country illegally.

“What is frightening about Hillary is that she has said she is going to double-down on executive power to grant amnesty,” Dane says. “In other words, [she’s saying] Obama’s amnesty didn’t go far enough.”

And Dane says other Democrats aiming for the White House have voiced similar commitments.

“Frankly, Martin O’Malley has criticized Obama for not going far enough and so has Bernie Sanders,” he says. “In effect, all the Democrat candidates are saying that the moment they take office, they’re determined to thwart the separation of powers and elongate this present constitutional crisis which is a source of a lot of divide in the nation.”

Dane finds it unfortunate that Obama has changed the way many Americans think about immigration enforcement in that not enforcing immigration laws appears to be entirely inconsequential.

This article was originally posted at the OneNewsNow.com website.