Conservative Activist Concerned with Walker


The head of a conservative public policy organization says he remains uncomfortable with Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker’s commitment to defending pro-family issues if he enters the 2016 GOP race.

Frank Cannon, president of American Principles in Action, says Walker is a proven fighter who was willing to take on a “very tough fight” against public unions in Wisconsin.

But Cannon says there are a number of concerns among conservative voters about Walker’s commitment with regard to social issues.

“Where social issues fit into his list of priorities, and a commercial he ran during his last campaign in which made it clear he wasn’t attacking a woman’s right to choose in anyway,” Cannon recalls.

It was the tone of the remarks, he says, that made social conservatives “a little bit more leery of him.”

Even though he has not officially declared, Walker is holding on to second place behind former Florida governor Jeb Bush in the Real Clear Politics compilation of GOP polls.

Among the nation’s governors, Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal became the first sitting governor to join the GOP race last week. He was the thirteenth Republican to officially jump into primary fight.

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