U.S. Sen Durbin Threatens Radio Station


Written by IllinoisReview.com

U.S. Senator Dick Durbin is not happy with a radio ad (

) that focuses on the wage gap between men and women working on his Senate staff. So unhappy in fact, that he is threatening legal action against a Quincy, Illinois radio station airing the spot.

Quincy radio station WTAD 930AM, which is owned by STARadio and Quincy Journal, has been running the ad for a week. According to Quincy Journal reporter Bob Gough, STARadio was contacted by someone representing Sen. Durbin. Gough writes:

“WTAD received an email and phone call from a firm representing Senator Durbin earlier in the week,” said STARadio VP/GM Mike Moyers. “A letter attached to the email implied that the commercial being aired by Americas PAC contained false information and that WTAD would be liable should we continue to air it. Sources provided by Americas PAC were checked and proved to be in line, so the commercial in question is still on the air.”

Threats were anticipated by Americas PAC back in April when they announced they would be running $310,000 in ads against the Durbin.

“I fully anticipate Americas PAC, and myself personally, to be attacked by the full force of the Federal Government and given the full Al Salvi/Tea Party treatment,” Tom Donelson, Chairman of Americas PAC said. “I expect to be audited by the IRS, to have my tax returns leaked to the media, to be investigated by multiple government agencies and be raided late at night.”

Explaining the radio ad causing Durbin the heartburn, Donelson said:

“Dick Durbin likes to talk about the Republican war on women, but how can he talk of a war on women when he doesn’t even pay his female staffers the same as the men?”

Analysis of Senate Staff payroll found that in 2012 Durbin “paid men $13,063 more, a difference of 23 percent,” or about 77 cents for every dollar earned by his male staffers.

In 2014, a follow-up report by the Free Beacon found that Durbin was still paying his female staff less than his maile staff. “The average female salary is $11,505 lower than the average male salary in Durbin’s office,” the paper reported.