U.S. Reps. Duckworth & Schneider Denounce Hobby Lobby Decision


Written by IllinoiwReview.com

U.S. Representative Brad Schneider (D-Linconshire) is very upset about the U.S. Supreme Court’s Hobby Lobby decision and now is asking those who agree with him to sign a petition in protest.

Most online people realize a petition is simply a ploy to build a database for the November election, but Schneider’s outreach on the topic clearly affirms he is more concerned about protecting government-funded birth control than protecting his constituents’ religious freedoms.

The same is true of his colleague U.S. Representative Tammy Duckworth (D-Schaumburg) who is also promoting the same petition.

Schneider’s 10th CD Republican opponent Robert Dold was not available to respond.

Schneider’s email:

#… this is seriously troubling.

Last week, in a 5-4 blatantly partisan decision, the Supreme Court gave some employers the authority to dictate women’s healthcare choices.

#, corporate bosses have no right to force their religious beliefs on workers, period.

That’s why I’m joining my colleague Congresswoman Tammy Duckworth to denounce the Court’s latest decision, and I urge you to join our call to action.

Will you please click here to sign our petition to denounce the Supreme Court’s latest Hobby Lobby decision?

I’m running for reelection to put an end to the far right’s extreme agenda against women’s rights. #, I need you with me on this. Please sign our petition:


Thanks for taking action,