Pro-death Pac Attempts To Influence Yet Another Seat In the Illinois House

Written by Richard Hartian

For those of you that think human life is important you may want to take note of significant donations to political candidates from pro-death political action committees (PACs) as in the case of Amanda Mancke who is running to replace State Representative Tom Cross in the Plainfield area.

According to the Illinois State Board of Elections, Ms. Mancke received $2000 from Personal PAC Inc. who’s self proclaimed sole purpose is “To elect pro-choice candidates at state and local level”. The funds were donated to “Friends To Elect Amanda Mancke” of whom Amanda Mancke is the chairman.

In Illinois there is an increasing tendency for non-conservative and anti-family candidates to run as Republicans.  Pro-abortion is not a conservative or pro-family viewpoint.

It appears that Ms. Mancke has passed the test for the abortion PAC that donates funds to elect pro-abortion candidates.  Apparently, Ms. Mancke is in the camp that categorizes humans in certain stages of life as having less value or as being unimportant.

Human life is set apart from all other types of life; in all of its often-frail capacity it needs to be protected.  Those that hold government office should and must protect the very nature of human existence by protecting those that are unable to protect themselves; in this case the unborn.

When a candidate takes the position that certain forms of life are less important than others, we should all take notice.  Killing the unborn, or not valuing the life of the elderly, are reprehensible acts of the cruelest kind.  You cannot fully value human life if you have different standards for when life has significance.

Those that support the downgrading of the value of life simply because of location, as in the case of a child in the mother’s womb, should not be entrusted with making other decisions that affect all of our lives.

Ms. Mancke received the funds, according to the Illinois State Board of Elections, on December 12, 2013; just days after submitting her signatures to be on the Republican ballot.

The $2000 donation will be used to help elect a pro-abortion candidate.  I ask you, isn’t there a real pro-family choice for the Illinois 97th district?

If you value life, you simply cannot support Ms. Mancke for office.  I call upon those that respect life, including the House Republican Organization, to support another candidate.

There is good news on this front.  Ms. Mancke has at least one pro-life challenger in the primary: Mark Batinick, who is the father of five children.

Richard Hartian is a board member for Illinois Family Action, a husband and father of 4.  He is a business man and Christian blogger who blogs at

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