Another Conservative Activist Speaks Out

Conservative Republicans from across the state are bewildered by the failure of the Illinois Republican State Central Committee (SCC) to remove Chairman Pat Brady from his position in the wake of his betrayal on the issue of marriage.  Pat Brady has not only misrepresented the GOP Platform — damaging the GOP brand, but he has partnered with Democrats to lobby for same-sex marriage legislation — an extreme Left social issue that will usher in bigger government and less freedom.  (Read more HERE.)

Conservative activists from across the state continue to speak out to the SCC.  Here is just another great example:

Dear Illinois GOP Central Committee:

I have been a registered Republican for over 40 years, leaving the Democratic Party in disgust because of its morally objectionable platform and liberal philosophies.  I refuse to compromise the Illinois GOP platform defending the traditional “one man/one woman” marriage definition because GOP Committee Chairman Pat Brady feels that the fickle winds of time force us to do so.  SINCE WHEN?

Has Mr. Brady any idea of how the grass roots Republican feels on this controversial subject?  I doubt it.  Does he care?  I doubt it!

Does he realize that the push for “gay marriage” is really about putting the legal stamp of approval on homosexuality and hammering its acceptance on (otherwise unwilling) citizens and our social, political and commercial institutions?  I doubt it.  We have only to go back to the outrageous passage of the civil unions law to understand how bully tactics work on an unwilling populace.  No sooner did the law pass, when the radical homosexuals saw to the closing down of the 90 year old adoption services by Catholic Charities.  Does Pat Brady really care?  I doubt it.

I would ask those of you who are not aware of what same-sex “marriage” has done to Massachusetts – only one of the nine states who now allow this cultural aberration – to read the following report:  HERE.

DO NOT BE FOOLED! Same-sex marriage IS NOT A “BENIGN ECCENTRICITY” which DOES NOT affect the average person!  Same sex marriage affects the Schooling of our Public School Children, Public Health policies, Hospital policies, Domestic Violence statistics, Business and Employment guidelines, the Legal profession and Judicial systems, Adoption and Birth Certificates, Government Mandates,  the Harassment of Churches and other religious institutions, the Media, Politics and the Rule of Law.

Mr. Brady DOES NOT REPRESENT ME or the Republican Party – nor the majority of Illinois voters of both parties – who would stand strong to defend the traditional institution of marriage.  I would urge you to ask for Brady’s resignation, or face the wholesale exodus of Republican voters who still expect the GOP Party Platform to be upheld.


Arlene Sawicki – Conservative Catholic Community Activist