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Higgins Responds to Reader’s Concerns

Written by David E. Smith

I recently asked Laurie Higgins, the cultural affairs writer for the Illinois Family Institute, to join me in a podcast. In this episode of Illinois Family Spotlight, we discuss Laurie’s satirical, sarcastic and sassy style of writing, which makes some people uncomfortable. Unfortunately, there are even some who go so far as to say that it is unbiblical or not Christ-like. I understand where this is coming from, but I think it is often misapplied or too often used as an excuse to remain silent.… Continue Reading

Higgins Responds to A Couple of Concerns by Readers (Spotlight #055)

Dave Smith is joined by Laurie Higgins, the cultural affairs writer for the Illinois Family Institute.

They discuss Mrs. Higgins’ satirical and sassy style of writing, which to some people is not biblical. Laurie makes a persuasive case for her style of writing directed at some of the most wicked ideas and promoters of those ideas in our culture. They also discuss different issues some people have with Laurie’s writing. In the second half, they discuss the surging transgender movement.… Continue Reading

“Flavor of the Day: Transgenderism” (Illinois Family Spotlight #036)

On this edition of Spotlight Dave is joined by Kathy Valente, the Director of Operations at IFI, Florence Hubbs, and Lisa Ridinger.  They discuss how the transgender agenda has invaded bathrooms and locker rooms of government schools, Target stores, Planet Fitness as well as HB 1785. A bill which would allow people to change the stated gender on their birth certificates.

Lisa is a wife, mother, and grassroots’ activist, living in the western suburbs, who, along with Cedra Crenshaw, founded Protect Children Preserve Freedom, a group that seeks to protect the privacy, dignity and safety rights of all people at the local and state level.… Continue Reading