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Rich Miller Ignores Supermajority Reality to Demand Rauner Capitulate


Written by Eric Kohn

Rich Miller wants Bruce Rauner to surrender.

This has been a theme of Miller’s since shortly after Rauner was inaugurated.  [Recently] in a guest column at Reboot Illinois, he used the loss of two high profile Rauner-backed primary candidates to renew his call.  Miller begins with this sentence:

It’s almost impossible to make a deal with somebody who won’t accept reality.

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Conflicted Interests


Rich Miller— Springfield’s Capitol Fax “journalist”–
rakes in over $521,000 in payments from 70 State Agencies
and other governments-  plus 181 political committees.

Is Miller the most conflicted journalist in the country?

Graphic courtesy of

Last week, an amazing thing started to unfold in Illinois-accountability. We helped expose the hundreds of thousands in taxpayer dollars flowing to Rich Millers Capitol Fax blog.
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