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The Establishment’s Perfect Candidate

Written by Micah Clark, AFA of Indiana

There is a lot of talk about what Republicans need to do to win elections after the November 6th election losses.  Most of those offering advice are pointing fingers at Richard Mourdock and Todd Akin, (who created their own unique challenges), and ignoring the many U.S. Senate GOP moderates who lost, like Tommy Thompson (WI), Linda Lingle (HI) and Linda McMahon (CT) or Scott Brown (MA) to make the case that the GOP needs to be more moderate.

People may want to look to one of Indiana’s congressional race as a test.  Listening to what most commentators recommend, one could logically conclude that Indianapolis Republican Carlos May was the perfect model that the establishment would recommend.   Carlos is young, talented, articulate, energetic, Hispanic and a moderate who avoids social issues.… Continue Reading

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