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Chicago Tribune Dumps on Ives

Written by Laurie Higgins

Last week the Chicago Tribune Editorial Board, columnist Eric Zorn, columnist Rex Huppke, and “reporter” Kim Janssen all took shots at gubernatorial candidate Jeanne Ives’ campaign ad.

The Ives campaign released an ad that criticized policies using actors to depict the constituencies Bruce Rauner serviced through his boneheaded Leftist decisions, and Leftists became apoplectic. Actually, they mainly cared about the depiction of a cross-dressing man—or what the Left risibly calls a “transwoman” to conceal the existential and immutable reality of his sex.… Continue Reading

Jeanne Ives’ Drubbing of Bruce Rauner

Written by Laurie Higgins

Monday night the Chicago Tribune editorial board hosted a debate between Governor Bruce Rauner and primary challenger State Representative Jeanne Ives. Ives wiped the floor with Rauner.

Chicago Tribune columnist John Kass—one of the questioners—wrote this following the debate:

[O]n Monday, judging just from his eyes and body language after debating Ives…Rauner looked like a man who’d been whipped. He just couldn’t quite come to grips with the whipping….Continue Reading

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