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More Basic Questions for Republican State Senate Candidate Friedman

Written by John Biver

The liberal wing of the Republican Party in Illinois never hesitates to attack or abandon conservatives (think Jack Ryan). That doesn’t stop them from demanding unity and loyalty from conservatives for one of their own. And should a conservative policy organization inquire about the non-personal POLICY positions of a liberal Republican, the Illinois GOP social policy lefties shriek like stuck pigs.… Continue Reading

Whom Should Illinois Family Action Criticize?

Written by Laurie Higgins

Illinois Family Action (IFA) has received a fair number of responses to recent articles on a local election in suburbs north of Chicago, only one of which was critical. Frankly, we expected more critical emails. It’s tempting as a non-profit organization to avoid offending our supporters, but IFA (and our sister organization, Illinois Family Institute) is committed first to biblical truth.… Continue Reading