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SPOTLIGHT: Culture Proofing Your Kids

Written by David E. Smith

In this episode of Spotlight, Self Evident’s Jenna Smith interviews Will and Meeke Addison. This power couple hosts a a daily radio/podcast program focused on Marriage, Family and the Church titled “Airing the Addisons” on American Family Radio.

Will and Meeke were keynote speakers at this year’s Illinois Christian Home Educators conference, where they spoke on the vital importance of discipling your children in the nurture and admonition of the Lord, and the opportunities homeschooling provides: “We see [homeschooling] as an opportunity to pour in our children and make them culture proof.”… Continue Reading

SPOTLIGHT: Sandy Rios Interviews Laurie Higgins

Written by David E. Smith

With public schools soon to be in session all over the state of Illinois, this conversation between Sandy Rios, host of Sandy Rios In the Morning on American Family Radio, and IFI’s cultural affairs writer, Laurie Higgins, is especially timely.

Higgins and Rios discuss the “assault and propaganda” that public schools unleash on their captive and impressionable student audience. They also consider the genesis of the “trans juggernaut” and delve into the unholy alliance between the National Education Association and the most radical elements of the Democratic Party.… Continue Reading