What Marijuana Has Done to Colorado (Illinois Family Spotlight #033)

Joining Monte for the first half of this podcast is Jo McGuire – an outspoken critic of legalized marijuana. Jo serves on the board of directors for the Drug and Alcohol Testing Industry Association and co-chairs the Marijuana Education Committee. She is also a DATIA Certified Professional Collector and Trainer (CPCT) and a Certified Designated Employee Representative Trainer (CDERT) who consults and trains professionals overseeing Safety Sensitive Employees in the compliance of federal DOT guidelines for drug and alcohol screening programs. You can visit her website at realmarijuanafacts.org.

In the second half of this podcast, Dave Smith and IFI’s own Kathy Valente discuss Jo’s comments and specific bills before the Illinois legislature.

HB 3235 reduces the penalties for possession, manufacturing, and trafficking in heroin, cocaine, methamphetamine and marijuana.

HB 3715 removes penalties for enrolled students from bringing marijuana on public school grounds.

Please ask your state representative to vote NO to both of these bills! Call your representative at (217) 782-2000. If you don’t know your rep. click here.

Illinois Family Spotlight
What Marijuana Has Done to Colorado (Illinois Family Spotlight #033)