The Travesty of The Transgender Lie (Self Evident #36)

Content Warning: This episode contains graphic descriptions of what a “gender reassignment” surgery entails.

In this episode of Self Evident, the topic of transgenderism and its tragic truth is discussed once again.
This episode will cover the rising star of the transgender movement, Dylan Mulvaney and TLC star, Jazz Jennings. This episode will also discuss Chloe Cole, who is a staunch advocate against gender-affirming surgeries, having been prey to one herself. Finally, this episode will cover Laura Perry and the hope she found in Christ in her de-transition journey.
All of this and more will be analyzed from a biblical worldview.

If you are interested in learning more about this subject, all of the cited sources in the episode are linked below.


Dylan Mulvaney TikTok Eloise video

Jazz Jennings ABS News interview

Jazz Jennings doctor conversation

Jazz Jennings breakdown

Reduxx information on WPATH


WPATH panel discussion

Tanner Stage 2

Chloe Cole Tucker Carlson interview

Chloe Cole Jordan Peterson interview

Laura Perry testimony

Self Evident
Self Evident
The Travesty of The Transgender Lie (Self Evident #36)