The American Miracle (Spotlight #047)

Joining Monte Larrick is Michael Medved, who is a nationally syndicated radio talk show host and best-selling author. His daily three hour show reaches 300 stations across the country and an audience of more than 4 million placing him, for nearly two decades, on the Talkers Magazine list of the top ten political talk shows in the United States. He joins Monte to discuss his recently written book documenting God’s intervention in the rise of America, called “The American Miracle.”

This podcast features two guests, in the first half Michael Medved, as mentioned above, in the second half is Dr. Duke Pesta.

Dr. Duke is a tenured university professor of English and Academic Director of FreedomProject Academy. He is an expert on Common Core, the national education standards. He’ll talk with Monte about the hand of Common Core in Education.

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The American Miracle (Spotlight #047)