“The Nature of Gambling: Sin” (Illinois Family Spotlight #242)

Here’s a topic that appears to have been lost in the shuffle: gambling. But we are surrounded by a culture of gambling. Illinois recently approved a piece of gambling expansion legislation, which IFI and IFA fought against, but has now been encoded. On this episode of spotlight, IFA’s Dave Smith and Monte Larrick take a deep dive into the issues with gambling, and most importantly, what the Triune God has to say about gambling. Their guest is Mr. Ken Darnell, a learned Christian man from southern Illinois who has expressly studied gambling, through both theological and anthropological research. Listen to this podcast for an exposition of gambling and why Christians should oppose it.

Call Jerry or Ken to invite them to speak at your church about gambling here: (708) 389-1127.

"The Nature of Gambling: Sin" (Illinois Family Spotlight #242)