“National Religious Freedom Day” (Illinois Family Spotlight #238)

“All we can do is pray.” How many times have you heard someone utter these words, often with a somewhat defeatist attitude? Our Spotlight guests this week want you to know that the first thing, the most important thing, Christians can do is pray!

Speaking at an online event hosted by the Illinois Prayer Caucus Network in celebration of National Religious Freedom Day, Randy Forbes and Peter Breen stress the preeminent priority of prayer, especially as the practice and proclamation of our faith increasingly comes under fire. They also address the need for strategic thinking, network building, and perseverance in order to stand against President Biden’s continuation of the agendas of the Obama administration.

Randy Forbes is a former Virginia congressman and President and Co-Founder of the Congressional Prayer Caucus Foundation and the National Strategic Center.

Peter Breen is a former Illinois state representative and Vice President and Senior Counsel for the Thomas More Society.




"National Religious Freedom Day" (Illinois Family Spotlight #238)