PODCAST: The Illegitimate Biased Press Campaigns for Biden

Written by Laurie Higgins

We face an election of monumental consequence with a president with communication challenges, a public that gets caught up in the minutiae of spun “narratives,” and a poisonous press that long ago abandoned the legitimizing tasks of the Fourth Estate to join the Fifth column. As the Fifth Column continues its relentless efforts at a soft coup of a duly elected president via character assassination and other assorted machinations, it seems some historical perspective is in order.

Many have compared Trump’s irascible personality to that of former British prime minister Winston Churchill—not to suggest that the two men are identical—but rather to suggest that irascibility is not a trait that disqualifies a person from leadership. The comparison of today’s press—which is way on the wrong side of history—and yesteryear’s press also bears examination.

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PODCAST: The Illegitimate Biased Press Campaigns for Biden