PODCAST: New Human Slaughterhouse-Spa Coming to Skokie Illinois

Fictional 21st Century Woman at her “reveal” party:

Mom, Dad, Family, Friends, there’s something inside me!  Lol, no it’s not a tumor. It’s a human! It’s got boy DNA (so not me, lol)! I just need to find out if he’s defective. Oh, and I’ll revisit my life goals and career path, check my bank account, and meditate on how I feel about him. If I choose to let him live, y’all can call him a baby! 

Remember the less bad old days when Leftists repeated Hillary Clinton’s disingenuous mantra that she wanted abortion to be “safe, legal, and rare and I mean rare”? Well, that was then… this is now, and now women shout their abortions, salute abortion, and make romantic comedies about abortion. In the service of advancing the joyous celebration of human slaughter, a spanking new type of abattoir is opening in Skokie, Illinois called Carafem.