PODCAST: Former GOP Senator Jeff Flake Endorses Biden for President

Former Arizona Senator and Republican Jeff Flake has publicly committed to voting for befuddled Biden, despite both Biden’s demonstrable dementia and credible claims by long-time Democrat Tara Reade that when Joe Biden was a 51-year-old U.S. Senator and she was a 29-year-old staffer, he forcibly put his hand up her skirt, into her underpants, and digitally penetrated her. According to the Washington Post, Flake made the odd claim that “Never has a party so quickly abandoned its principles as [the Republican Party] did in the campaign of 2016.” Evidently, in Flake’s distorted view, the Republican Party would have better adhered to its principles by voting for Hillary Clinton in 2016.

In the Washington Post interview, Flake dismissed the significant conservative accomplishments of the Trump Administration:

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