PODCAST: Deceitful Lawmakers Seek to Silence Pro-Life Opposition

The stench from the swamp-dredged resolution sponsored by our Big Brothers and Sisters in Springfield and titled “Illinois Family Action-Hate Speech,” hangs over the General Assembly stinkin’ up the joint. For those unaware, this is the pernicious resolution riddled with bigoted language, non sequiturs, red herrings, and outright lies and intended to diminish the rights of IFI and IFA and other social conservatives to speak freely, assemble, and petition our government for the redress of grievances.

The resolution arose after IFI contributor Teri Paulson wrote an article in which she suggested that there is little moral difference between the macabre anti-life views of “progressives” and the macabre anti-life views of the Third Reich, and it appeared just days after a remarkable pro-life lobbying day on which 4,500 pro-life Illinoisans showed up in Springfield to oppose the macabre human slaughter bills (HB 2495 and HB 2467) sponsored by the very same Big Brothers and Sisters and their ideological allies.

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