PODCAST: Cancel Culture Snuffs Out Ideas Norms Structures and Lives

“Cancel culture” emerged from the arrogant, ignorant 1960s when the parasites of Communism, the black power movement, the feminist movement, and the sexual revolution took root in their host, the Boomer generation, who went on to assume positions of power within government and the propaganda wing of government, academia, which passed on the ever-mutating parasites.

The father of lies deceived unbelievers into embracing Communism, which advanced covetousness and classism—i.e., bitter class warfare. He used the radical black power movement to advance racism, i.e., hatred of whites. He used feminism to advance misandry, i.e., hatred of men. And he used the sexual revolution to advance profligate promiscuity, thereby destroying bodies, minds, hearts, souls, families, and churches.

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