PODCAST: Buttigieg, Benson, Rubin and Marriage

Presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg is not, in reality, married. Talk show host Dave Rubin is not, in reality, married. If or when Fox News contributor and Townhall editor Guy Benson legally marries his male fiancé, he will not, in reality, be married. Buttigieg and Rubin are no more married than Bruce Jenner is a woman.

Marriage, like biological sex, has an immutable, objective nature that the law cannot change. Neither the law nor judicial decisions can change intrinsically non-marital unions into marriages. All legal machinations exploited to create the appearance of change—that is, to create the illusion that non-marital unions are marriages (or that men are women)—are not merely deceptive but also destructive to both individual lives and the public good.

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