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The Illinois Family Spotlight podcast will highlight a specific cultural or political issue of which our listeners should be aware. Our discussions will be informed by a biblical worldview that will help expose the lies and distortions promulgated within secular culture. We will be interviewing policy experts and scholars whose knowledge and insights will help listeners form a wiser worldview.


PODCAST: Enemies of Truth Wage War in Districts 211 and 15

While conservatives with liquefied spines avert their gaze from co-ed restrooms and locker rooms in the schools their taxes subsidize, trying to pretend this issue doesn’t matter, the Left rubs their hands together in unseemly glee, knowing they are winning their anti-science war.

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Racketeer for Life (Illinois Family Spotlight #032)

On this special edition of Illinois Family Spotlight, Monte Larrick is joined by pro-life hero Joseph Scheidler, the founder and national president of the Pro-Life Action League.

Joe has fought for the unborn since the U.S. Supreme Court manufactured privacy and abortion rights with its 1973 Roe v. Wade and Doe v. Bolton rulings. He was the target of a lawsuit brought by the National Organization for Women under federal racketeering laws. Found guilty in 1998, the Scheidlers triumphed twice in appeals before the U.S.… Continue Reading

“Illinois School Districts Have a Spending Problem” (Illinois Family Spotlight #031)

Once again Monte and David have a discussion with two U-46 school board members, Cody Holt and Mrs. Controversy, Jeanette Ward, also candidate Enoch Essendrop. We talk primarily about taxes, revenue, and spending. We also discuss recent changes to curriculum in U-46.

Yes, our government school systems have a spending problem.  State Representative Jeanne Ives (R-Wheaton) recently pointed out this outrageous tidbit on her Facebook page:

Over 80 percent of superintendents receive six-figure compensation packages and will receive
$2 million to $8 million in total pension benefits over the course of their retirements.

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Transparency and Privacy in Public Schools (Illinois Family Spotlight #030)

This week, Monte and Dave are joined by school district U-46 board members Jeanette Ward and Cody Holt, and candidate for U-46 school board, Enoch Essendrop.  Cody and Enoch are running for the U-46 school board. The election will be held on  April 4th.

In this week’s podcast, we talk about about the transgender bathroom and locker room controversy in U-46, where Jeanette made headlines for protecting the rights, privacy and safety of all U-46 students.  … Continue Reading

“Nancy Pelosi is Not Liberal Enough” (Illinois Family Spotlight #029)

Babette Holder returns to Illinois Family Spotlight to talk about various issues, including the effort to defund Planned Parenthood at the Federal level, the recent women’s march in Washington D.C., and its effect on the push to defund Planned Parenthood, and finally, voters deviating from the Democratic party because it has drifted too far left in it’s political advocacy.

Call your U. S. Representative and ask them to defund Planned Parenthood! The U. S. Capitol’s switch board number is:  (202) 224-3121.… Continue Reading

Defund Planned Parenthood! (Illinois Family Spotlight #028)

Chris Iverson returns to talk to Monte and Dave about pending pro-life legislation in Springfield, the effort to defund Planned Parenthood in Washington DC and the campaign to raise funds for pro-life billboards.

Take ACTION! Call your U.S. Representative in Washington D.C. and ask him/her to support H.R. 7 and to defund Planned Parenthood! The capitol switchboard number is (202) 224-3121.

Call your Illinois State Representative in Springfield and ask him/her to oppose HB 40.Continue Reading

“The Grand Bargain?” (Illinois Family Spotlight #027)

State Representative Jeanne Ives (R-Wheaton) joins Monte and Dave to discuss Illinois’ fiscal irresponsibility and the Illinois Senate’s proposal to raise income taxes on working families in Illinois. Representative Ives also talks about HB 443 and the need to give parents in failing schools educational choices. Call your state representative and tell them to support HB 443! (217) 782-2000

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“Abortion Takes Human Life” (Illinois Family Spotlight #026)

abortion takes human life

il_family-spotlight_125x125Pro-life activist Chris Iverson joins Monte and Dave to discuss his campaigns. Chris leads groups of volunteers in projects that display a simple message for thousands upon thousands of people: abortion takes human life.  The three discuss Chris’ experience in his banner campaigns, his strategy behind the sign, and his long-term goal of buying billboard space.

Want to help us raise funds for a billboard campaign? Call the IFI office at (708) 781-9328 or click HERE to make an online donation.… Continue Reading

Pro-Life Politics (Illinois Family Spotlight #025)

Joinind Monte Larrick and Dave Smith this week is Babette Holder, co-founder of The last Civil Right, a group of Christian-Conservative women who are Political Commentators and advocates of the principles of limited government, individual freedom, and a strong free market. Additionally, Babette is part of the Frederick Douglass Foundation Illinois, a group of black Illinoisans that celebrate conservative heritage, and she is also an elected precinct committeewoman in DuPage County.

“Trump is President. Now What?'” (Illinois Family Spotlight #024)

il_family-spotlight_125x125The Donald became President Trump on Friday. Monte and Dave speak with Pastor John Kirkwood, an active Republican and a steady critic of Donald Trump, to discuss what a victorious Trump Administration means for evangelicals, Republicans, conservatives, and the next generation.  Pastor Kirkwood also discusses why Bernie Sanders succeeded among millennials and what that means for future political bouts.

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