“Muscular Christianity” (Illinois Family Spotlight #210)

As we dive into the last month of summer, David Smith and Monte Larrick welcome Jim Davids, attorney and chief counsel for the newly-formed Justice & Freedom Law Center, to this week’s Spotlight. Jim, David, and Monte explore the concept of “muscular Christianity” and a possible Christian “protest” response – Jesus’ Life Mattered. They also consider J.B. Pritzker’s executive orders that have limited religious liberty, recent legal cases involving religious discrimination and restriction of religious freedom, and concerns regarding how legal rulings that were made during the pandemic might affect a post-pandemic world.

After the break, Jim shares his motivation for launching the Justice & Freedom Law Center and he details the types of cases and issues the Center represents. The podcast concludes with a discussion of Illinois’ LGBT history mandate, government schools, parental rights in regard to school choice, and voucher programs.

In addition to his leadership of the Justice & Freedom Law Center, Jim Davids has recently co-authored a book.  Jim was an Illinois Family Institute board member in the 1990s and served as acting Executive Director for several months.

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"Muscular Christianity" (Illinois Family Spotlight #210)