“Madigan Has No Opposition Party in Springfield” (Illinois Family Spotlight #154)

State Representative Darren Bailey joins David Smith on this episode to break down the corrupt system Illinois is known for; it’s worse than you think. Darren Bailey is a stalwart Christian statesman representing the 109th district.

They also discuss what could possibly be next for the leftists in Springfield, the importance of principled men and women running for public office and where they could begin, the possibility of booting Chicago out of Illinois, and an upcoming event you do not want to miss. (alternate location tickets here)

If you are serious about running for local or even statewide office, here is the telephone number for Rep. Bailey’s office where they would be glad to be of assistance: (618) 665-4109.

If you are in the Springfield area you might be interested in a town hall about possible secession from Chicago. On Saturday, July 13th, State Rep. Brad Halbrook will speak at a town hall meeting in Sangamon County to discuss the growing “New Illinois” movement and will be joined by colleague State Rep. Chris Miller. The event begins at 2:00 PM at Destiny Church at 2423 South MacArthur Boulevard in Springfield, and is free and open to the public.

"Madigan Has No Opposition Party in Springfield" (Illinois Family Spotlight #154)