“Is America Racist?” (Illinois Family Spotlight #070)

Written by John Biver

In the Spotlight this week, Dave Smith once again sits down to talk to Rev. Ceasar LeFlore, the Founder and Executive Director of the Beloved Community Development Coalition and the Midwest Regional Director of the Life Education and Resource Network (LEARN). Pastor LeFlore is working towards a national pro-life prayer network, he is seeking to unite a million prayer intercessors to daily pray for the end of abortion.

They discuss racial tensions in America, from the NFL’s move to take a knee, to uniting the American church.

Dave Smith began the conversation with the contention that the issue of race in this country keeps coming up due to Leftists and their allies in the media wanting to stir up tensions. LeFlore added that indeed, the political left wants to fan into flame racial tensions because it is their preferred method of dividing the country.

“Our nation will fall,” LeFlore said, “Lincoln was quoting scripture when he said that a house divided against itself will fall… Leftists don’t love this country and want to see it fall.”

“If you don’t mind me speaking as a black man,” LeFlore said, “one of the things I resent the most is being emotionally manipulated through race — I see that as being a political strategy.”

Smith and LeFlore also discussed the reality of racists programs pushed by Leftists that have helped destroy the black family in America. “Almost 8 in 10 babies in some black communities are born without a father,” LeFlore said, and as a result, “the state becomes the father for those children.”

Regarding the protests being made by players in the National Football League, LeFlore said that targeting the National Anthem is misguided. “If I can get you angry, you’re not thinking. And if you’re not thinking, you’re not grateful,” he said. “God has brought us to a place where we are a blessing to the world.”

Follow Pastor LeFlore on twitter @CeasarLeflore. Contact Reverend LeFlore at:  (708) 378-4712, or via email: leflore@voiceofthebeloved.org.

"Is America Racist?" (Illinois Family Spotlight #070)