“Illinois School Districts Have a Spending Problem” (Illinois Family Spotlight #031)

Once again Monte and David have a discussion with two U-46 school board members, Cody Holt and Mrs. Controversy, Jeanette Ward, also candidate Enoch Essendrop. We talk primarily about taxes, revenue, and spending. We also discuss recent changes to curriculum in U-46.

Yes, our government school systems have a spending problem.  State Representative Jeanne Ives (R-Wheaton) recently pointed out this outrageous tidbit on her Facebook page:

Over 80 percent of superintendents receive six-figure compensation packages and will receive
$2 million to $8 million in total pension benefits over the course of their retirements.

Please pray for Enoch Essendrop and Cody Holt as they run for school board and make sure you and your family members get out to vote in this upcoming consolidated election! Tell 10 of your like-minded friends and/or neighbors that this election is occurring on April 4th and that early voting is going on now.  Every vote counts!

"Illinois School Districts Have a Spending Problem" (Illinois Family Spotlight #031)