“Demanding Transparency and Accountability” (Illinois Family Spotlight #252)

Those who love the darkness don’t want to come into the light. They flee like so many cockroaches to the shadows. As the Scriptures say, men loved the darkness rather than light, for fear their deeds would be exposed. Newly minted Illinois state senator (and former state representative) Darren Bailey is not one of those swamp roaches. His career in Springfield has been in exposing the utter incompetence, or the rank sinful competence exhibited by Illinois government. Bailey founded a Christian school with his wife in southern Illinois, and is a Republican candidate for Illinois governor.

Senator Bailey joins Monte Larrick to discuss why he’s running for governor, daft Illinois politicians who love the darkness, the rather deep hole Illinois has dug herself in, the importance of a Christian education, getting involved in local politics, and moving pro-family legislation in an anti-family state. They also discuss the slightly less-covered issue of Illinois energy: how Illinois politicians are pushing too hard too fast for “renewable” energy while that technology does not exist yet, and torching Illinois’ energy producers in the process. It’s a crisis that not many people are talking about.

Darren’s campaign website is here. https://baileyforillinois.com/

His facebook page is here. https://www.facebook.com/BaileyforIllinois/?__xts__%5B0%5D=68.ARCJVhE-2cw07Qq3V8-d81NkEszONs2G0u-99MdhfdOFo0HT7Fh5-dikr_Z

"Demanding Transparency and Accountability" (Illinois Family Spotlight #252)