“In the Name of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion” (Illinois Family Spotlight #246)

It’s a fact – all laws discriminate. While discrimination based on ethnicity or skin color is never acceptable, discrimination based on behavior is appropriate. Speaking at IFI’s 2017 Worldview Conference, Dr. Frank Turek highlights the lies and hypocrisy surrounding the establishment of protected classes of individuals, public bathroom policies, and transgenderism.

The second half of this podcast features a lively Q&A session that covers immigration, open borders, refugees, diversity, the disinclination of the Church to address difficult issues, and more. As you listen, I think you will find the topics and responses are as pertinent now as they were four years ago. The cultural battle is, and always has been, one of truth vs. lies. The only perfect arbiter of truth is the Bible, and Christians should be boldly unafraid to use it.

Dr. Frank Turek is the president of CrossExamined.org, an evangelical, inter-denominational Christian apologetics ministry.

"In the Name of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion" (Illinois Family Spotlight #246)