“God’s Own Country” (Illinois Family Spotlight #215)

This week on Spotlight, Monte Larrick and I are pleased to welcome Max Solomon, Republican candidate for State Representative for the 38th District. Max was born in Nigeria and is now a proud U.S. citizen. He shares his motivation and desire to represent the people in his district, explains how his Christian faith and pro-life, pro-family conservative views and values will inform his public service, and identifies some of the issues he hopes to address if he is elected to the Illinois House of Representatives.

Max Solomon is an attorney, adjunct professor of political science, and an ordained minister. For more information about his campaign for State Representative, or to volunteer or donate, please click HERE.

Every voter should be an informed voter. The IFI Voter Guide is a valuable resource that indicates where each candidate stands on crucial pro-life, pro-family, and religious liberty issues. To request your voter guide, go to illinoisfamily.org and click on the IFI Voter Guide tab or call our office at (708) 781-9328.



"God's Own Country" (Illinois Family Spotlight #215)