“It’s Not That We Don’t Trust Girls, We Don’t Trust Predators” (Illinois Family Spotlight #194)

Right to Life issues have been under attack for quite some time in our state, so it should come as no surprise that Illinois’ “progressive” legislators have their sights trained on yet another pro-life, pro-female protective measure. In a conversation at the SpeakOut Illinois conference in February, Mary Louise Hengesbaugh, director of Illinois Citizens for Ethics PAC, and Monte Larrick discuss the crucial benefits and protections afforded minors by the Parental Notice of Abortion Act. In turn, they detail the disastrous ramifications that will arise if the Illinois legislature succeeds in modifying or repealing this Act.

Also in this podcast, Mrs. Hengesbaugh provides information about Girls’ Health First, an initiative of ICE-PAC. Please visit Girls’ Health First to learn how you can fight back against attempts to modify or repeal the Parental Notice of Abortion Act.

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"It's Not That We Don't Trust Girls, We Don't Trust Predators" (Illinois Family Spotlight #194)