The Drug Plague is Growing, What to Do? (Illinois Family Spotlight #131)

In this week’s Spotlight is Angela Camp, a drug addiction specialist with Bradford Health Services in Birmingham, Alabama. Angela joins Monte Larrick to consider the raging heroin epidemic here in the United States, and it’s relation to opioid and marijuana addiction.

They examine drug abuse making in-roads in middle-class America, marijuana’s link to the use of opioids and hard drugs, the role of social media in this rampant drug scourge, some apps that are tell-tale signs of sketchy events in a young one’s life, what parents can do to keep their kids safe and alive, and what the community of faith can do.

The second half of the podcast features Peter Bensinger, former administrator of the US Drug Enforcement Administration. Peter weighs in on the push to legalize commercial high-potency pot.

They explore the weaponization of marijuana in communities, why the Illinois claim that we can legalize pot better than California and Colorado is a fantasy, and the information Illinois lawmakers must know before attempting legalization.

Please contact your state lawmaker respectfully requesting them to oppose this bad public policy. The Illinois Capitol switchboard number is (217) 782-2000.

Illinois Family Spotlight
The Drug Plague is Growing, What to Do? (Illinois Family Spotlight #131)