“Prayer and Fasting to End Abortion? Really?” (Illinois Family Spotlight #110)

This episode features an interview with Steve Karlen, the Campaign Director for 40 Days for Life. They discuss what makes 40 Days for Life so unique; reducing demand for abortion; pro-lifers relying too much on political influence; 40 Days for Life as a launching pad into pro-life activism; how important a pastoral endorsement of 40 Days for Life is; what skills you need to lead a 40 Days for Life campaign; what the indicator of a successful campaign is; and how to get involved.

They also discuss the most dangerous thing a pro-lifer could do (not do).

Steve got involved in the pro-life movement as a volunteer leader with the 40 Days for Life campaign in Madison, Wisconsin. Before long, he found himself at the center of a nationwide controversy as the health system at his alma mater, the University of Wisconsin, was secretly preparing to open a late-term abortion center on campus. Groups across the state looked to him for leadership. After nearly a year and a half, the University of Wisconsin Hospital and Clinics abandoned its plan to open an abortion facility, citing Steve and his team as the reason for the decision.

Steve now serves as the campaign director for 40 Days for Life, where he trains and assists local 40 Days for Life campaign leaders, co-hosts the 40 Days for Life Podcast, and edits 40 Days for Life’s Day 41 magazine. He has spoken in 46 states; Washington, DC; four Canadian provinces; and Mexico City. Steve lives in Madison with his wife and four children.

"Prayer and Fasting to End Abortion? Really?" (Illinois Family Spotlight #110)