“Dealing With Addiction in the Pew” (Illinois Family Spotlight #106)

This edition of Spotlight features Jo McGuire once again, who comes on to discuss what Illinois might look like after a plausible five years of retail marijuana; debunking the crime drop myth in Colorado; encouraging lawmakers considering legal pot to visit Colorado and seek certain people groups, one of which is RMHIDTA, you can view their report here; advertising marijuana usage to pregnant women to alleviate first trimester discomfort and the complications that follow; what church leaders need to do to educate their congregations and specifically young people; and finally Jo’s story which has permanently vested in her an interest in this topic.

Please check out her blog. Please also contact your state lawmakers at (217) 782-2000 and ask them to vote NO to recreational marijuana. If you don’t know your local lawmakers click here.

Illinois Family Spotlight
Illinois Family Spotlight
"Dealing With Addiction in the Pew" (Illinois Family Spotlight #106)