“Protecting Our Kids” (Illinois Family Spotlight #093)

Monte Larrick recently interviewed Philip Haney at the National Religious Broadcasters convention. Philip is a former Department of Homeland Security officer and congressional whistle-blower. They discussed the Parkland school attack, including government negligence, and how to prevent similar attacks.

Monte opened with the question, “what did you expose?” Here is Haney in his own words:

“During the Obama Administration I was on active duty [and] put information into the law enforcement database — we call it derogatory information — connecting the dots on two major groups: the Muslim Brotherhood, which a lot of us have heard about, and another group, Tablighi Jamaat…on terrorism and counter terrorism.” “The bottom line is that the [Obama] administration deleted the information out of the system.”

Haney says he has proof that the information that was deleted could plausibly have prevented the Boston bombing, the San Bernardino shootings and the Orlando shooting. Those are just three examples.

Monte asked: “Has political ideology infiltrated our security apparatus? How prevalent is it?”

It has, Haney said, and added that there are “hopeful signs.” “You have to recognize that there is something wrong before you can even start addressing it. At least we’re starting to see indicators now that the Trump Administration recognizes that there are some major breakdowns in our national security.”

Regarding the Parkland school shooting, Haney discussed the FBI’s failure to follow up on the many calls from citizens regarding the behavior of the person who eventually became the shooter. What caused that failure? Haney said that he witnessed the planting of a seed of political correctness — “a progressive Leftist ideology where essentially we saw the [Obama] Administration treat our enemies like our friends and our friends like our enemy.”

On the topic of safety in the public schools, Haney recommends that like other government buildings, the entrances should be secured “so just anybody can’t walk right in with no I.D.”

Regarding his help with Save The Persecuted Christians, there are a lot of ministries and organizations, Haney explained, but “what we’re going to try to do with this coalition is to unite the many flags under one banner and coordinate and work together as a team, if you will, to provide better or more help to communities of persecuted Christians around the world.

Philip Haney is the author of: See Something, Say Nothing: A Homeland Security Officer Exposes the Government’s Submission to Jihad.

Illinois Family Spotlight
Illinois Family Spotlight
"Protecting Our Kids" (Illinois Family Spotlight #093)