“Is It Okay to Be Angry with Leftists Promoting Transgenderism?”(Illinois Family Spotlight #075)

In this week’s Spotlight, is Laurie Higgins, the Cultural Affairs Writer for the Illinois Family Institute.

They converse on the Masterpiece Cakeshop case before the Supreme Court, something called the Body Integrity Identity Disorder (BIID) which Laurie asserts is similar to the transgender movement, the government’s role in the institution of marriage, and the role of Anger in the Christian Church.

Higgins emphasizes that it’s important to use proper analogies when writing about what the LGBT letters truly represent. Those pushing the LGBT agenda would have people believe that homosexuality is comparable to race, when, Higgins says, a better parallel is incest or polygamy.

Concerning transgenderism, a good parallel is that of Body Integrity Identity Disorder, since in the former a person feels “extreme distress” because of one’s sex organs and someone with B.I.I.D. seeks “relief” by having one or more healthy limbs removed. In one case it could be castration, in the other it is the removal of an arm or a leg.

On the topic of the increasing phenomenon of “mandatory pronoun use” that is being implemented in schools and businesses, Higgins points out that to not refer someone by their biological sex is simply bearing false witness.

Unfortunately, too often Christians capitulate on issues such as pronoun use thinking that it is not a big deal. In fact, it’s is yet another example of the use of incrementalism by Leftists. Change doesn’t come through giant events but little steps, Higgins explains.

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Mentioned during the program: Anger and the Church (written by Laurie Higgins)

"Is It Okay to Be Angry with Leftists Promoting Transgenderism?"(Illinois Family Spotlight #075)