“How Can We Help Our First Responders in This Pandemic?” (Illinois Family Spotlight #192)

Rick Laib, a Sergeant with the Will County Sheriff’s Office and the Republican candidate for Illinois’ 11th congressional district seat, joins Monte Larrick for this very timely edition of Spotlight. Sgt. Laib relates the challenges of running for office when the most effective methods of campaigning have been eliminated due to the Coronavirus and he offers suggestions as to how citizens can best help first responders during this crisis. Monte and Sgt. Laib also discuss government spending in light of COVID-19, the responsibilities of government and individuals regarding future preparedness, and the tension between the government’s quarantine orders and the public’s constitutional right to religious freedom.

After the break, the conversation turns to Laib’s upset win in the primary and his campaign strategy for the general election. The podcast concludes with a discussion of the vision and values he will bring, if elected, to the United States House of Representatives.

To learn more about Sgt. Laib, visit Rick Laib 2020 or Rick Laib for 11 on Facebook.

"How Can We Help Our First Responders in This Pandemic?" (Illinois Family Spotlight #192)