BONUS: Devore on the SAFE-T Act (Illinois Family Spotlight Bonus)

Thomas Devore, candidate for Illinois Attorney General, spoke recently at the Crete Township Republican meeting on the dangers of the SAFE-T Act. During his presentation, he delivered a damning legal analysis of the Democrat’s SAFE-T Act (HB 3653) , which will fully go into effect on January 1, 2023. Most Democrats voted YES and every single Republican voted NO.

Devore warns that the ‘no-cash bail’ provision in the SAFE-T Act opens up Illinois courts to civil rights violations. He points out the purpose of bail, and the reason that it is guaranteed in the constitution is to protect the rights of the accused, since citizens accused of a crime are presumed innocent until proven guilty in American courts.

Despite the media’s biased dupery, there are serious and sound reasons to object loudly to the SAFE-T Act. There are good reasons why 100 of 102 state’s attorneys are opposed to the new cashless bail provisions, and there are good reasons why there are 58 lawsuits by these state’s attorneys filed against Governor J.B. Pritzker and other state Democrats in an attempt to have it declared unconstitutional.

In the upcoming November 8th election, we have an opportunity to repeal dozens of Democrat officials who supported this soft-on-crime approach. Many of these incumbents are also radically pro-abortion and sexual/moral/language anarchists. Ya know, the ones who are unable (or unwilling) to define “woman.” The ones who insist that men can be a “birthing person.” They all need to be sent home!

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BONUS: Devore on the SAFE-T Act (Illinois Family Spotlight Bonus)