“‘Money is The Root of All Evil’ Turns Out to Be True for Abortion” (Illinois Family Spotlight #165)

The indefatigable Monte Larrick recently interviewed Dr. Haywood Robinson at a 40 Days for Life pastors luncheon in Tinely Park. Dr. Haywood Robinson is a former abortionist who came to saving faith in Jesus Christ and was convicted by His Word. Dr. Robinson offers his thoughts on the Ulrich Klopfer discovery–the man who horded 2,246 aborted children in his garage since 2001–and whether or not there might be more abortionists doing similar heinous deeds.

They also chatted about Dr. Robinson and his wife’s personal story, how abortionists are hardened by their sin and incentivized by money, the  consequences of loosening abortion clinic regulations in Illinois, underage abortions, and much more.

"'Money is The Root of All Evil' Turns Out to Be True for Abortion" (Illinois Family Spotlight #165)